"We especially loved the changing camera angles so we could see up close and from different levels how to do the movements."
- Females of B Co. 4th BSTB, US Army, Iraq

Even more of the wonderful music from globally acclaimed Hossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton, handpicked by Amira for your Bellydancing pleasure.


Another companion to Amira's "Bellydance 101" DVD, Amira's "Belly Dance for Fitness and Fun" features 14 more tracks from these world-renowned stars of Egyptian music to keep you dancing. Both artists fuse modern and traditional scores that define the mood, tempo and culture of this distinctive genre. Features more tracks from the albums Eternal Egypt, Immortal Egypt and Enchanted Egypt. This compilation CD also contains many reworked and remastered tracks and includes two new exclusive tracks.

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Phil Thornton

An acclaimed master of the synthesiser, a highly talented multi-instrumentalist and an innovative producer, Phil Thornton is very much a leading light amongst the futuristic and visionary musicians of the New Age. His adventurous and seductive compositions ring out with a tremendous ‘journey’ quality, evoking rich exotic soundscapes. Phil’s talent is constantly sought-after by fellow musicians and he has recently been5 working with 60’s rock icon Arthur Brown.

Hossam Ramzy

Hossam’s passion and huge talent for percussion was developed from an early age through studying his craft under leading Cairo musicians. A friendship with many Bedouin tribes gave the young Hossam a rich insight into the cultural origins of Middle Eastern music and became the inspiration for many of his later rhythmic directions. A highly acclaimed master of percussion, Hossam has collaborated with many artists such as The Rolling Stones, Page & Plant, and Peter Gabriel.

Recordings by Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy on the New World music Label:
Eternal Egypt NWCD 416
Immortal Egypt NWCD 455
Enchanted Egypt NWCD 557




Amira of Las Vegas is an internationally renowned performer and instructor ol Raks Sharqi (Belly
Dance} who has travelled to five continents to teach and perform, on a mission to transform women's lives through dance and empower people everywhere. She is a passionate speaker, women's health advocate, producer, model, active community member and a proud mother. Trained in Flamenco and Ballet and with an extensive background in medicine and music, her instructional DVD "Bellydance I0I" is one of the most highly acclaimed titles in its genre. "Amira's Bellydance and Yoga for Pregnancy" DVD was released in 2008 as the result of extensive research into the connection between belly dance, pregnancy and birthing.

Amira is available for bookings worldwide. Please visit her at www.amirasbelly.com

Belly Dance for Fitness & Fun

Middle Eastern Dance, or Bellydance as it is known to the western world, has a long and colorful history of being one of the world's oldest fitness disciplines. Originally performed by women, for women, sometimes even used as a ritual to aid in the birthing process, it does not only work out one's belly, but in fact works every part of the body with delicate, precise, isolated movements. Bellydance does however emphasize movements of the abdomen and pelvis, and is therefore an ideal way to develop deep abdominal core strength, gain control of those muscles as well as improve fluidity and flexibility of your lower body. Though physically challenging, belly dance is considered a low impact fitness routine, it is easy on joints and therefore very suitable for all ages including people recovering from trauma and injuries. Since Bellydance requires the use of resistance, even the most slow paced routine can burn up to 370 kcal per hour. Bellydance moves help to make muscles lean, improve posture, release healthy hormones into the bloodstream, and make a person feel beautiful, feminine and confident. Bellydance is fast becoming a revolution in the western world.

This compilation CD contains many reworked and remastered tracks and includes two new exclusive tracks.


1. ALI MAMA (Enchanted Egypt) 5:O7
2. THE TOWER OF BABEL (Exclusive Tack) 4:52
3. MOROCCO DANCE (Immortal Egypt) 1:37
4. MOROCCO DANCE 2 (Immortal Egypt) 4:39
5. DESERT DREAM (Dreamscapes) 5:57
6. ON THE TRANSIT OF VENUS (Enchanted Egypt) 5:35
7. SUNRISE OVER GIZA (Immortal Egypt) 4:41
8. THE LAND OF THE PHAROAHS (Eternal Egypt) 5:25
9. DERWOOD GREEN (Immortal Egypt) 6:03
10. DESERT RHYTHM (Eternal Egypt) 4:02
11. AT THE TEMPLE OF RAMESES THE GREAT (Enchanted Egypt) 4:46
12. ISIS UNVEILED (Eternal Egypt) 5:57
13. El. MOULID (Immortal Egypt) 5:42
14. IMMORTAL EGYPT (Exclusive Version) 4:27



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